The Kikuyu Project, Episode 2

On 20 May I posted a report of the project I have undertaken to try to rid a significant section of our lawn of kikuyu, the highly invasive fast growing grass that inhabits many parts of the northern North Island.
In April I sprayed the area twice, 2 weeks apart, with glyphosate. After another two weeks I began deep digging the ground, allowing myself 15 minutes per day on what has become known as “The Project”. Since then I have continued digging it over and painstakingly removed the dead roots – and some that looked like they were only sleeping! I have taken three large tarpaulins full to the local organic dump.
As at 20 May I had nearly finished digging over the main section.
Yesterday I finally completed the section on the grass verge, thus finishing all the digging. It has been hard work.
Recently I  o5.6.15-2btained some pieces of old carpet from the local flooring firm and spread them out to cover about half the dirt area. Yesterday a neighbour offered me a house lot of carpet and when that I arrives I will be able to cover all of it completely. I will then leave it completely covered until we return from overseas at the beginning of October.
Hopefully I will then be able to remove the old carpet, rake it out again and sow grass seed.
The photos show me nearly finished digging over the main patch (June 5) and the patches of carpet with the remaining areas of bare dirt waiting to be covered, and me doing the final raking of the grass verge section (28 June)Kikuyu Project 29.6.15.


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