The Kikuyu Project – One Mad Gardener’s Efforts to Beat the Odds – Episode One

One corner of our lawn has a serious problem with kikuyu grass. It is a piece of ground about ten metres by six metres.
As anyone living in the northern half of the North Island knows, kikuyu is a fast growing highly invasive grass that is almost impossible to eliminate. It stays green all year and is tough to mow. It grows at a rate of two centimetres per day!! Left to itself it will grow about a metre high, and very thick.
The kikuyu in our lawn has come down the hill from a neighbour’s place. We are faced with two options. Either let it take over the lawn or try to eradicate it. I hate it in the lawn so have decided to try to wipe it out. Cthe Kikuyu Project 012razy, I know. Others have tried and failed. I am determined to win and I have given myself 12 months for this job. I am calling it The Kikuyu Project.
Some of you may be interested in this saga, because my guess is that some of you have also encountered this wretched grass.
I have read up all I can about it, had a chat with a most helpful guy named Barry Thompson from McGregors, and have started work.
To this point I have sprayed the area twice with glyphosate, two weeks apart. Now I have begun systematically digging it over and removing all the roots. It is hard slow work. I have committed myself to 15 minutes per day, and am slowly getting there.
Once I have done this, I think I will spray it again, and then cover it all with old carpet for two months. I will check progress then. About that time we will be going overseas for two months so I may re-cover it with old carpet and when we come back I hope we will have a base ready for new soil and spring sowing of grass seed.
I will use a glyphosate gel on any pieces that appear in the rest of the lawn, and in the garden.
All comments, advice, suggestions and encouragements will be welcomed!
Watch this space for more updates and photos.the Kikuyu Project 011


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