Alison Holst – a Tribute

I’m up early this morning. Not unusual, for me, but this time I am cooking. More specifically, preserving. I’m just finishing the Feijoa Relish that I commenced last night with the slicing of the feijoas and leaving them sit in a sugar solution overnight.Alison Holst
Which brings me to Alison Holst. When it comes to coming, in our house Alison Holst is the point of reference. We start with her. “What‘s in the Alison Holst book?”, we ask. And there have been lots of her small books that have come and gone in our house over the years, with some favourite recipes moving from them into the home made cookbooks that Sue has put together.
Alison Holst is a kiwi icon for good reason. Hugely knowledgeable, always gracious, always down-to-earth, always looking for ways to make food simpler yet tasty and nourishing, always there with practical tips so helpful to inexperienced cooks like myself.
So now we learn that she has dementia….not an uncommon lot for people of her age and stage. But sad, for all that. And like many other ordinary New Zealanders I wish her calmness and peace in these later years. Thanks, Alison, you’ve been a gift of God to far more people than you probably realise.


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