John Campbell

So all the stats show less people are watching Campbell Live, and his programme is on the slippery slope to oblivion.  Perhaps we’ve just become too comfortable with him.  Like lots of others I’ve signed John-Campbell-webthe petition to ‘save him’, but even those of us who are longtime Campbell admirers have to understand commercial realities too. Some things I like about John Campbell are

  •  you never see photos of him on the front of glossy mags in the supermarket.
  • he’s kept his family completely anonymous.
  • he’s unashamedly an advocate for causes he believes in.  He introduced me to advocacy journalism when he fronted Saturday Mornings on National Radio. He has consistently stood up for hungry kids, and for post-earthquake people in Christchurch struggling for justice, and a few other causes as well.
  • he comes across as completely sincere – what you see is what you get.

I have no doubt that when Campbell Live goes, John Campbell will continue to have a bright career in the media. I hope it is somewhere I can appreciate and enjoy his colourful, down to earth, people-caring and enthusiastic approach to journalism.


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